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Texting while driving is life-altering choice

March 27, 2012 | Posted in: High School, Middle Years

Jeanne Brown never thought she’d be touring the country, sharing an anguished plea with every teenager she meets. She never expected to meet Oprah Winfrey or go on the talk queen’s former daytime show. In fact, Jeanne Brown planned to continue her life as a mom and teacher in Lubbock, Texas, until her kids were […]

Standardized tests right around the corner

March 27, 2012 | Posted in: Elementary, Middle Years

Middle school and elementary students in New York will again take standardized tests in English language arts and mathematics in April. The tests, given to students in grades 3-8, are designed to comply with the No Child Left Behind law of 2001. While schools plan well in advance for the test dates, students may not […]

Beyond Dodgeball: Gym classes teach more than how to throw a ball

March 27, 2012 | Posted in: Elementary

Ask any elementary school kid to name their favorite class and chances are they’ll say gym. Playing games for an hour with classmates can be a welcome reprieve a few times a week from the rigors of the classroom. And while it should go without saying there are physical benefits to gym class, important life […]

Tune in to your child’s musical side

March 27, 2012 | Posted in: Early Learners

Most preschoolers are naturally drawn to music. They move to a beat, jump up and down, and sing with abandon – whether or not they know the right words to a song. But entertainment and the exercise associated with dancing aren’t the only benefits of exposing a preschooler to music. Research shows children who are […]

Ready or not? When to start your child in kindergarten.

Ready or not? When to start your child in kindergarten.

March 13, 2012 | Posted in: Early Learners, Elementary

When my youngest child first stepped on the bus for kindergarten, I was amazed at how calm I felt. I stood and waved as the bus drove down the road, pleased that I hadn’t started crying as soon as he hiked up his little sneakered foot to climb the stairs onto the big yellow school […]

March is Mad about Reading

March 13, 2012 | Posted in: Early Learners, Elementary

With so many distractions – particularly the electronic kind – it can be hard to get your child to sit down and read. March – “PARP month” at a number of schools across the state – offers a perfect excuse to spend quality time with your child and promote reading for enjoyment. PARP, an acronym […]

Got stress? Help your middle schooler cope

March 13, 2012 | Posted in: Middle Years

To adults, the middle school years seem like they should be completely carefree for children whose focus is on school, friends and activities of their choosing – and not necessarily in that order. But middle school can be a time of confusion. Kids at that age are going through a whole host of changes – […]

The college experience begins with preparation

March 13, 2012 | Posted in: High School

Whether college is on the horizon or looming a few years down the road, there’s information available to help students who plan to continue their education after high school. As you start your journey, you should beware of scholarships and college search organizations that offer to help you for a large fee. With so many […]