12 Gifts for Christmas

December 17, 2013 | Posted in: Early Learners, Elementary, High School, Middle Years

You don’t need the excuse of a holiday. Here is a list of 12 gifts you can give to your children. None of them comes from a store.

12. Time and attention. Think carefully about who or what is getting yours, and who should be.

11. Sense of Humor. Laugh with your children every day.

10. Room to make mistakes. Give kids room to experiment, explore and make mistakes.

9. Meals together. The family that does not eat together does not grow together. Welcome to the epicenter of family relationships.

8. Lifelong Learning. A passion for learning usually doesn’t come from a school. It begins at home. Be a model for your children.

7. Imagination. The people with imagination are the ones creating the world of tomorrow.

6. Hugs and kisses. No one is ever too old for a good hug. Your kids will always need physical affirmation of your love.

5. Honesty. The earlier your children understand the importance and value of dealing truthfully with others, the better they will feel about themselves.

4. Encouragement. A few simple words can build up or tear down. Choose carefully.

3. Discipline. Be consistent and positive.

2. Curiosity. “Stop asking so many questions” are words that should never leave a parent’s mouth.

1. Affirmation. Make sure your children know you appreciate them.

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